Testing Vegan Beauty – Nature Box Almond & Avocado Line {Review}

This post was sponsored by Nature Box Beauty and Bush Telegraph Publicity 

Hello my loves! There are quite a lot of products to review in this one post so I’ll get straight to the point… I was lucky enough to receive a Nature Box press drop last month and I cannot wait to tell you all about it!

Nature Box is a new quirky, sustainable vegan beauty brand. Unlike many other body and hair care products, all Nature Box products are free from silicones, parabens and artificial colourants. Nature Box beauty products contain 100% natural cold pressed oils. I’m no expert but from my research, I’ve learned that cold pressing is a gentle procedure of extracting essential oils. During this process no heat is applied which means that this procedure does not damage or alter the oils, vitamins and anti-oxidants, so the oils are able to retain their effectiveness. But don’t just take my word for it – look here on the Nature Box website and watch their scientists demonstrate. The brand also supports social and environmental projects, for example it’s partnership with Plastic Bank where they help remove and recycle plastic from beaches to produce their bottles. Overall, I love the fact that this brand is super quirky, I love what it stands for and think it’s admirable that they are so open with and really care about their customers.

Take a look at my hair and skin after a whole month of using nature box beauty shampoos, conditioners, moisturiser and hair spray! I think the results speak for themselves 🙂

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The packaging is truly amazing and sadly I don’t have a photo of the box when the press drop arrived but it was well done and I must give credit to the PR Agency. With regard to the Nature Box packaging – the packaging is colourful and bright which instantly lifts my mood and adds much needed colour.



This conditioner contains avocado oil which helps smoothen hair and repair damage. The shampoo is lightweight, lathers well and smells vaguely of fresh fruity avocado. I found this worked the best on my hair. My hair is quite healthy already but I often use heavy styling tools on it which causes damage and this shampoo really helped to strengthen my hair, made it super silky and less prone to “frizz”, helped avoid split ends and caused it to become less brittle (less hair comes out when combing). I also found my hair a lot more manageable and easier to comb after washing. So I would have to say this is one of my favourite products from the package.



This is arguably my favourite product with the package (although that avocado shampoo could tie for first place)! It’s so good that I’ve already purchased two more myself – and even the rest of my family loves using it too! For me particularly, my skin is sensitive and prone to redness so I try to use skincare products that do not contain harsh scents or chemicals, but typically the ones on the market I’ve come across aren’t that pleasant to use. This shower gel has a light almond smell from the natural cold-pressed almond oils, is clear and super lightweight liquid but foams up like a dream and leaves my skin feeling soft and clean. And because of having to wash daily to stay safe in this pandemic, this body wash is extra great because it’s perfect for daily use.



Wow! If you want volume in your hair this shampoo the way to go. My sister particularly loved this shampoo. She has super long, thin straight hair and this shampoo made her hair so much fuller and gave it more volume (especially when paired with the volumizer spray (more details on that down below). I really liked this one too. It worked amazingly to keep my hair looking fuller (which is want you want when taking bomb selfies for the gram). However, it lacked the sheen and silkiness that the avocado one gave so that’s why I didn’t enjoy this one quite as much.


What an amazing conditioner. It really helped smooth my hair out. You only need a pea sized amount of this because it spreads nicely and really soaks into the hair. I would recommend only using a tiny amount on the ends of your hair and other parts where you particularly want to soften or have brittle hair. This conditioner works fantastically without weighing down the hair.



Again, an amazing product for sensitive skin. It absorbs nicely into the skin, smells light and fresh and is deeply moisturising. My only complain is that it’s yet another product that the rest of my family likes to steal (hehe!)



I’m absolutely obsessed with this spray. Although tiny, it really packs a punch. After washing and towel-drying my hair I simply spritz this onto my hair before drying it and wow! I can totally see the difference after using it. This lightweight spray doesn’t weigh hair down and is easily absorbed, softening the hair and giving it tons of volume so it looks healthy and strong.

It’s unusual for me to be so positive during reviews but the more I tested these products, the more I enjoyed them. It was really hard to fault them and I even ended up buying more with my own money once they ran up.  I highly recommend checking out these Nature Box products – you will certainly find a line (almond oil, avocado, apricot & coconut) that suits your skincare and haircare needs.

Have you tried Nature Box products before? Let me know your favourites in the comments below!


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